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Collision Arts founded in 2016; is a general company offering various IT (Software & Hardware) & Consultation services.


Collision Arts SRL is the culmination & summary of accumulated skills, know-how & experiences in software & hardware solutions brought together by different experts in the various lines of technology & innovation over the past years.

At Collision Arts SRL, we take on the role of Project Management / Project Development for small & medium sized projects. We strive to offer the best value- added services in all fields to our customers & to establish lasting relationships with them by exceeding their expectations & by gaining their trust through exceptional performance by every member of our team. Fueled by passion, we’re a team of makers, thinkers, explorers & creators. With a very low profile, we help innovate, develop & pioneer. Our background includes more than 70 accumulated years of work experience.

We are proud of being active contributors to open source software.

Motivational Scale

  • 100%
    Database Architecture
  • 100%
    Database Analyst / Admin
  • 100%
    Software Development
  • 100%
    Front-end Development
  • Who Doesn't?
    Software Engineering
  • 100%
    Information Security Analyst
  • 100%
    Computer System Analyst
  • 100%
    IT Infrastructure


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The quest for excellence starts with an idea. But it takes far more for an idea to become a vision, and a vision to become sheer reality. It takes a lot of talent, a lot of know-how and a true sense of dedication and ultimate perseverance to dream of innovative solutions that are in line with the world's evolution and to technically craft these solutions until they become within reach of everybody... solutions sometimes made for all while others tailor-made to suit very specific needs. This is what Collision Arts SRL is all about and this is precisely what led me to ... read more

Maya Hanna El Daher

Chairman, Collision Arts SRL
Montevideo, Uruguay

Head Of Architecture, ITB Nigeria Limited
Lagos, Nigeria
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Bonjour à toute l'équipe, Je ne suis vraiment pas habitué à laissé des commentaires. Mais je dois avouer qu'au vu des efforts réalisés depuis notre collaboration en 2016 ainsi que pour votre réactivité malgré le décalage horaire. Je suis obligé de faire une pause pour féliciter toute l'équipe et plus particulièrement à nos interlocuteurs privilégiés qui se reconnaitrerons.

Hicham Hazim

CEO, AlloBuild.
Paris, France
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Excelente trabajo. Muy meticuloso y realizado con mucha dedicación. Sumamente responsables.

M. Fernanda

Secretario de Embajada, Embajada de Líbano.
Montevideo, Uruguay
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Experience and Knowledge

Daniel Zooby

Agricultural Engineer. 25 years of experience in Trading stocks.
Montevideo, Uruguay
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Muy buen ambiente y muy profesional. Tuve la oportunidad de trabajar varias veces como freelancer y lo recomiendo completamente. Gente muy capacitada, que aportan mucha información y conocimiento cuando uno lo necesita y que recibe todo aporte que uno pueda hacer de una muy buena manera. Tanto la administración como las instalaciones son muy buenas y ayudan a que los proyectos se hagan más fáciles.

Fernando Plachicoff Rohner

Support Analyst, Marel Food Systems
Montevideo, Uruguay
Author image

Excelente experiencia! Recomendable 100%

Marcos Keldjián

Designer at Yama Group.
Montevideo, Uruguay


January 2021

Sales Dept.

EvoFox Professional Edition

EvoFox Pro has been released for French and West African markets. Simple facility management software and tool. Featured to assist you with your day to day tasks and to stay organized. Founded since 2008 under many brands.

Mars 2020

Management - COVID-19

FREE IT Remote Support and Consultancy

All our team and our means are available to : 1) Teachers & Students for the use of online systems. 2) Small business in any field, to allow them to continue their activity by adopting new Technologies / Strategies. Let's fight COVID-19 together

July 2019


Message from Managing director

I am proud that Collision Arts, regardless the current depression in the West African market, is heading to be one of the pioneers in the world of Facility Management & Integrated Facility Management.

April 2018


Technology Provider Company

We are proud to accounce Collision Arts as a Technology Provider Company.

April 2018


Welcome aboard Maya Hanna El Daher, we are honored.

A word from our Chaiman: The quest for excellence starts with an idea. But it takes far more for an idea to become a vision, and a vision to become... read more

Mars 2018

Information Security Dept.

CharruaCon Security Conference 2018

Collision Arts represented by our CTO. participating in CharruaCon Security Conference 2018. 24 & 25 of May, 2018. Register now, entrance for free.
Reference: click here

February 2018

Sales Dept.

TomLynx v5.0

TomLynx v5.0 has been released. All clients running on v4.8 (Self Hosted) are eligible for a free upgrade. Please contact us for more details.

January 2018


Research & Development Dept. Budget

Thanks to the Research & Development Dept. & on head our CTO, we are able to cope with latest technologies in the market nowadays. The budget increase request for 2018 has been granted with pleasure.

September 2017

Information Security Dept.

8.8 Lucky

Collision Arts represented by our CTO. shared its knowledge regarding Cross Site Request Forgery.
Reference: click here

May 2017

Information Security Dept.

CharruaCon Security Conference 2017

Collision Arts represented by our CTO. shared its knowledge regarding XSS Paranormal.
Reference: click here


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